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Envo smart control

We have major green ambitions

Envo is a Norwegian SaaS company that develops and supplies proprietary hardware and software solutions.
Today, these solutions are supplied to and used by companies in Norway and the international market.
Envo energiovervåking og automasjon av bygg

Energy monitoring and building automation

Envo was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Tønsberg. Since the company was established, more than a thousand Norwegian companies and building owners have installed our solutions. Our solutions span every layer from sensor and field level to cloud-based management systems.

The solutions your building needs

  • Software
  • Products/hardware
  • Integration/ITB
  • Operational services
  • Energy management/consultancy

Close collaboration

Based on the fact that all customers have unique needs, we work closely with our customers all the way from identification of needs to fully delivered and customised/tailored solutions.

Envo leads the way

Our solutions provide major savings through outstanding management of the energy installations in the building and streamlining of energy consumption where relevant. With our help, customers are able to navigate the green shift.

ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 certified

Envo is ISO 9001 certified and has implemented management systems to ensure the highest quality in its services and products.

Envo works to create and nurture excellent relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our quality objectives are high uptime, satisfied customers, high-quality products and outstanding response times for support and error correction.

Envo ESG


Envo has the solutions and advice to make it easier to meet future requirements for sustainability and the environment.

Envo Career


Are you green and passionate about energy-smart solutions? That makes two of us.